If my best friend is upset because she broke up with her boyfriend, who I was hanging out more with , do you think I'm the reason she broke up?

My best friend said a different reason to why she broke up with her boyfriend but I think it was me because I hanged out with him more and me and her boyfriend were best friends too so it was reasonably but she did seem quite left out


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  • The reason they broke up is not your concern. Your friend gave you a reason and it does no good to assume that your friend lied and that you were the problem. Don't create an issue where there is none.


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  • Follow me jadie

  • People split up all the time. If it was at the 4 month mark, he's finished using her. If it was nearer the2 year mark, he's bored!

    • They had been together for 3 weeks

    • He's not going out with her then lol

    • Okay but they were bf and gf

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