Why? Simply just, Why?

Ladies if you have ever ripped a mans heart out and crushed it after him helping you through a tough time or a long relationship or any relationship in general, why did you do it? Because as far as I have seen its usually men that take the bullet in any relationship regardless of how it ends. I was dumped by my second gf a few days ago after helping her through depression and other problems, and she said she was sorry for doing this to me but what she doesn't know is I am now broken beyond repair and I can't tell her. So I want to know why if you have done so: "killed" a man because when you dump us we feel dead inside hence the quotations.

Why did you rip out your mans heart?
How would you do it?

Not many people will judge you because this is the internet where you are just an account that not many truly know of


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  • Guys dump girls too - and girls feel just as much heartache when it happens. You are only so young - you just have to build yourself up again and move on. The right person is out there. Unfortunately finding love is a trial and error process. Enjoy time with your mates and doing things you love doing.


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  • I could ask the same question about men. Both men and woman do very hurtful things to eachother and relationships can be very painful experiences, but not every man should be punished because a woman had a bad breakup and not every woman should be punished because a man had a bad break up.

    • I'm usually the person that gets screwed over in any circumstance so I can really answer your question, and if anything a guy would work towards preventing a break up in the first place but nope most of us still get screwed over

    • We have both had bad experiences with dating the opposite sex but what won't help either one of us, is blaming the entire gender. I have been the one to give everything I can to prevent a breakup, not one of the guys I dated have done that for me. So we all have stories and experiences.

  • No one is going to judge you for getting dumped. All of us get dumped at some point. Shit happens. Don't overthink as to what went wrong and do stuff you like to do. That will help :)

    • You have no idea how many times people tell me that

    • That is the truth. I have been dumped too. There have been guys who have broken me up. But i recovered. Made the same mistake again. Recovered again.

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