I feel like he's really gone this time?

Me & my ex had a short, whirlwind, but amazing relationship until i moved away for 3 months & we couldn't do distance.
We talked throughout the whole time.
When I came back (about a year ago now) we were seeing each other again but it kept ending because we'd fight.
He has commitment issues & that's the reason we'd get in fights. These would easily have been solved with a kiss & make up, but instead he ended things over & over.
After a year of on & off, in September we were finally ok, continuing into another 3 months of distance which we did alright at.
He told me he loved me, but then it all turned to shit again when i was still away. I have since found out thats because the 'i love yous' were getting too much for him.
I am back & have been staying at his empty house for the last 2 days & he joined me. We had the MOST amazing time & were SO happy until it was almost time for him to go. Then it turned to shit again, with him saying he just couldn't be with anyone right now. Even though some things he had been saying & his actions the whole time he was staying here were the complete opposite.
He's my best friend, he make me so happy & although i'm sick of getting fucked around. i feel like this is the end & i'm really really sad. I'm going to pass through his hometown on Thursday & visit to finalise what is going to happen.


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  • I have been in the same type of on and off relationship for the last 5 years. It's a terrible cycle because they don't deal with their issues and keep attempting the relationship but make the same mistakes and then feel worse and worse and more sure that the relationship can't work, so they bail again.


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