Should I sign the divorce papers?

My husband and I have been married for over 7 years, and right now it seems that our marriage is coming to the end. When I came to this marriage, I didn't bring anything and my husband had a small house and a few thousand dollars in saving. Right now, we have a nice big house in suburb and have some money in his retirement. However, he starts saying that he paid for this house and this house is his and his kids'. His previous wife passed away and the two kids got social security income. He doesn't seem to understand that all those 8 years I stayed home with the kids made it possible for him to go to work to earn money and to save money. He wants me to meet him at city hall and sign the paper. He told me that we should just keep what we came into this marriage with. I came from overseas and brought very little money, so I should leave this marriage with little. As if my 8 years with his kids and homeschooled them for years was just to pay my boarding here. I hate to get a lawyer and have the lawyer take most of what I will get. I also hate to walk out of this marriage penniless and homeless. There is one child between him and me. I never worked one day in this country. Does anyone have any good suggestion? I don't want to leave him high and dry, neither do I want that happen to me.
He insists saying that he didn't have to work and they lived fine before he married me. They lived off the survivor benefits. Since he didn't have to work and went to work because I made him to, he should get to keep everything. There are some people you just can't argue with, and my husband is one of those kind. I guess that's what people hire lawyer for. I doubt he will even be able to afford live in this house if he quits his job now.


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  • Its time to get a lawyer and fight.. You need to get whats yours

    • Thanks. Whenever I mention this house is mine too. He gets hysterical and start yelling "go to hell, you greedy bitch". I even have moments like that on recording because I thought it was shocking.

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    • Ok. I will just not sign or do anything until I meet a good lawyer.

    • Exactly.. Don't feel bad about taking the house.. he will get another one eventually, Fight him

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  • Go ahead.

    • Go ahead sign the papers?

  • I don't support alimony for the most cases and I don't support it in your case as well. You shouldn't have dropped all your activities (you knew this day could come) as soon as you got married just to raise kids, that is just a plain excuse for being lazy. Although he should pay you enough money to support you for next 5-6 months so that you could decide what you want to do, either go back to your place or try finding some work here.

    • I am not asking for alimony or even child support. I am only asking for my fair share in this marriage and our assets. We own a house that has over 100K equity on it and purchased this house 5 years after our marriage. He didn't have any retirement before he married me. I think I am entitled to a just portion of that.

    • I guess I was just too stupid. I should have agreed to be a stay-at-home mom. I hardly agree that it's an excuse of being lazy. It's a huge sacrifice on my side, even if it's out of stupidity.

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  • You own. Half the house. Get a lawyer!

    • Thanks for your support! We bought this house 5 years after we got married. Just because I stayed at home doesn't mean I didn't contribute to this money. I raised his two kids and the one between us, and I homeschooled them for years. I put up with his ridiculous sex demands for years. He wants me walk out of this marriage with nothing? They think because I have an accent therefore I am stupid. I am the only one in his whole family who has a college degree and he is the only one in his family that actually graduated from high school. Who's stupid right now?

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    • Especially after all those awful sexes he imposed on me. I am being easy on him for not filing charges against him for sexual abuses.

    • You really need to burn his ass... and just wow abuse is never right

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