HELP ME?:( Will he regret his choice of dumping me?

So i've been in a relationship since summer 2014 and it was really love at first sight. We really were perfect together, we had a great sexlife, act like best buddies, went very often on a spontanious trip and we were just so comfertable around eachtother. We were very passionate about our relationship, and he always showed his affection towards me. We could talk for hours and we got never bored of eachother. But there is one problem, he lives like 2,5 hours away from me. So the summer ended and i went back to school, and he was just done with school. We saw eachtoher like twice a month, and in holidays more. it went good untill last week. He out of a sudden broke up with me. He said he loves me very much, but he wants to focus a 100 % on his career and sports. (he wants to make a career of the sports he is doing) . He said he needed to do this alone, because this way he could bring more out of himself. ( He trains 6 days a week, 2 times a day and got a job offered of 32 hours a week). I am heart broken. He told his friends he never ever met a girl like me, and that the relation was perfect. I dont understand why it worked for 7 months and now it doesnt? He doesn't even want to try it.. But when he broke up he told me that he will not dissapair for good and we never know what will happen in the future. He will be in my city in the summer and said he really wants to see me again then. It's been 1 week now and we haven't talked since. I was always good for him, even when he broke up i was supportive. He said there was nothing wrong with the relationship but he really needed to do this for himself. Will he ever come back? Because now im left with a little spark of hope and maybe there is just no chance if him getting back? what should i do? :( I really miss him


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  • I don't believe in waiting for people. So I would give yourself time to heal and move on from him. Obviously you are 3rd on his list of priorities while you have him first (or maybe second for you school). I don't accuse him for not loving you at all but obviously it's not a much as you think or how you feel about him because I would want to make it work and would really want the "love of my life" on this ride as I pursue my dreams.

    • He wanted that too, but since he got this job offered he is busy 6 days a week. He said he could't give me what a deserve and really hopes i find a guy that do has the time for me. Also his dad tells him every day that if he wants to persue his dream, he HAS to dump me in order to succeed.

    • His dad is an idiot haha. If your willing to sacrifice a lot of time together and it's not making you unhappy I would think to at least try it and give you the option to say "hey I thought I could do this but I can't", then no harm done and you two can have a nice amicable split. But as they say you have to "give love a chance".

    • You are so right, he said he tried but his body can't take it anymore, because he has no time fir himself anymore. I also said if he really loved me he would have make it work, but clearly he doesn't.. Guess i have to see that he won't come back, as hard as it is..

  • You should move on. I know it's hard, especially when you still have feelings, but the reality is is that he may never come back. You can't put you life or feelings on hold. Take a little time to heal, then start dating again.


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