Im confused, pls advise. I recently broke up with my bf but I am having mixed feelings?

My 'ex' is very sweet, caring and gentleman i couldnt ask for more except that i was earning more than him. For more than 2 years i can say that im always the one spending on our dates.

Reasons of breaking up with him
1. i fell out of love and got tired of spending my money for him.
2. Before breaking up, i got infatuated with a coworker and i really like him
3. After the break up, i met this guy whom i got attracted big time.

Me and my ex still meet cause he can't forget about me. He is a nice guy so i dont want him to expect and feel miserable so i told him not to meet and message too often, only when its important.

Now, im feeling like i still love him but not like before and at the same time i dont want to be in a relationship with him.

Is this part of moving on? Missing someone? Am i just confused bec of these two new guys in my life? Coworker - i think he is interested to me. Second guy, i never met someone like him in my entire life. If there's anyone I would want now, it will be the second guy but then i am not completely ready to let go of my ex even if i was the one who broke up with him.


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  • Hang on you was with this guy for more than 2 years but you found yourself attracted to a co-worker? Then met another man after a breakup? But now realise you still love your ex?

    Sounds like your really confused and very indecisive.

    Do you want to be in a relationship yes or no?

    • Breaking up with your ex just because he earns less doesn't sound like a good reason to end a relationship that lasted over 2 years, is there more to this?

      I'm assuming he's a working man? He's kind, loving, caring, passionate and a gentleman?

      If you love him still then tell him how you feel.

      Don't throw away a diamond just to collect rocks.

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    • Did you fall out of love when you was still in a relationship with your ex? Or on breakup?

      You stated that your feelings and love for your ex are still there (but not like before) and the fact you still meet up with him tells me you are still emotionally connected to him but with these two new guys in your life that are giving you the "butterflies" are getting in the way of your feelings, resulting in you feeling confused.

      If you are just wanting to fool around with these new men in your life then my advice is stay single but if you are seeking any sort of long term relationship with them then this is called a rebound, it won't last.

      My best advice is distance yourself from your ex for awhile with no contact and maybe take a step back from the two other guys and just concentrate on yourself. In time you will know what you want.

      My only warning is time is ticking away and your ex won't wait around, he'll be in the process of moving on himself.

    • If you find you still truly love your ex then waste no more time and go and get him back, if not then end all contact and never talk to him ever again, because its not fair on him.

      One more thing, be completely honest with your ex if you do decide to move on with out him, give him some closure, in fact I would tell him about the new guy in your life, your ex will be hurt but he'll move on quicker too. Trust me.

      Hope all goes smoothly for you both.

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  • Doubt about breakup is normal.

  • Let him go! Don't take him on your emotional rollercoaster ride!


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