My boyfriend won't file for his divorce after being separated for 2 years?

My boyfriend has been separated from his ex for 3 years. She has a boyfriend as well. When we met 2 and half years ago he said he was going to file for divorce. To this day he still hasn't and gets angry when I talk about it. He says its a waste of a money and there's other things he would rather spend his money on. He doesn't understand why I bring it up at all and says it's just a piece of paper why does it matter. And says that his divorce is none of my business, i disagree considering we've been committed to each other for 2 and a half years now... if I were his friend then yeah, it would be none of my business.

What do you guys think?


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  • Honestly I wouldn't date someone who wasn't officially divorced anyway... If it was just a piece of paper why he get married in first place... I would start to get a little pissed off too if I were in situation as you..

  • Can't believe you put up with this for so long.

    He isn't getting a divorce. You need to deal with it or find a new bf.

    Red flags 1) he was married. 2) you got together 6 months to a year after he separated.


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