Someone help me stop checking up on my ex social sites?

Im always looking at his Twitter to see if he's at least talking about me. When I feel like he doesn't through his tweets, I don't get mad, sad or feel anything I just move on with my day till I feel like checking again and it's usually more than 3 times depending on how busy my day was and its driving me craaaaazy because I don't want to look for someone who probably hasn't even thought of me since we last spoken/kissed which was 2 weeks ago.

I broke up with him months ago by the way and we got back in contact then I cut it off again after we kissed (stopped texting). PLEASE HELP. I don't know what to do when I'm bored, bc I check his profile. Even when Im busy I take time to check (not all the time) i need better self control. Advice?


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  • What is it that you're hoping to see there? That he misses you? It sounds like this is driving you crazy to always be checking hoping he'll say something about you. You're not gaining anything by checking there it seems like if he was trying to get back with you that he'd text you back. You really have to try to block that thought of wanting to check up on his social media. It's not worth it

    • Yeah I do look for signs that he misses me and it is lol! Im trying!!

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    • True true! It's so bad how much I like to see if his life not going well lmao, after today im going to try my hardest!

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