How can I erase the images of my ex beating on me?

I spent 3 years in a relationship getting abused and beat. The police didn't help me and I felt helpless plus I couldn't leave without him coming over all my family members house looking for me. I left and each time I left my reputation would be even more destroyed so I didn't know what to do. He took my car keys all the time and I couldn't leave without getting beat. My ex hit me across the head with a heater and I was constantly getting beat and he also pulled a gun on me over what somebody else told him. I was beaten in public while others watched and I was strangled everyday. His mom provoked him and was glad it was happening... When I drive or when I'm alone the images show up in my head. I'm In a new relationship now but I'm starting off fresh but the images remain in my head...


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  • You'll be fine eventually. Just have to Replace them with better Images. And soon they will go away. But it will take time

    For future reference stay way from gangsters. Ur ex sounds like a thug


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  • I'm sorry about your exp, abuse of any kind gets to you. Regardless of how emotionally strong you are you will have that crack in your soul. I am only saying this because the first step to recovering is accepting that you are vulnerable and hurt.

    Secondly dont, and i repeat DONT hold it all in because it will eat you up on the inside until you lose control of who you are (I'm just warning you not trying to scare you). Talk with someone you trust, even your mom, let it all out and be with people who genuinely care about you.

    I dont know you, i have never even met you. But i can tell you that you didn't deserve any of the abuse. No one should be treated like that. You deserve to be treated right and to be loved, everyone does.

    If doesn't kill you it only makes you stronger.
    Good Luck xx


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  • Im so sorry that happen to you. Your ex is sick as well as his mom and the people that didn't help or call the cops. But it takes a lot of time to heal that. It trama and it painful memories. It hurts a lot. maybe it would be years or less but it all depends but I don't know if you can forget it fully it scars of the past. nothing wrong with seeking professior help and having loved ones to support you.

    • I was thinking this

    • Yes just know that it gets better tho time to heal those wounds. And being sourronded by loving and caring people. That really want good things for you. vent if you need to it ok if it happens to be often if the people care they would be understanding.

  • I would suggest maybe going for some counseling if the images remain in your head. Maybe try thinking about how your new bf is nothing like your ex would be helpful also. You could also just need some time for you to get over what you went through with your ex.

    • Ya Im ready for a relationship its just that I still see those images of my own blood in my head

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    • Thank you!!

    • No problem, I hope it gets easier for you in the future, and you're able to replace those bad memories with better new ones.

  • You should be glad you made it out of that never ending cycle. Not everyone does and those who at times do end up dead. Be glad you're not a part of that but never try to erase it because its those very same bad memories that shaped you into the strong woman you are today.

  • Your past is a part of who you are.
    When you feel that way... be honest with your current boyfriend about how you are feeling.
    He will be there to listen If he truly cares.


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