Broke out the crazy. Can someone help me?

A friend of mine of nearly 5 years and I had ended up sleeping together one night after a night of drinking. He was very nice about it the next morning and continued talking to me even after the sex because I had informed him right away I felt dirty because i had never done a one night stand. We actually started seeing each other after that and even went on a couple dates. Issue in my life is I am a single Mom, and he knows my sons father. Now he was really taking the relationship slow and i really liking him would always pressure him into trying to see me more and express his feelings to me because I wanted to know where he stood on us. Well the other night I went out with my girls and explained what was going on and they felt I needed to end it because he seemed like he doesn't know what he wants. I sent him a long text the same night yelling him I think he is afraid of something and he won't tell me what and that he doesn't know what he wants. The next day he went me a message saying that out schedules are crazy so its hard to see each other and that we got serious pretty quick and he doesn't know if he is ready for that and he thinks we should slow it down. I sat and that about it and with being a single Mom really thought am I ready for a relationship, since I haven't been in one in about 3 years any way. I decided I too don't want anything serious and explained to him that I really could not have a serious relationship at this point because it is ppetty much impossible with my son. Then informed him that i am pretty happy with the way we are now seeing each other once in a while and that maybe we should keep this casual and just be pretty much Fuck buddies. To which he never replied. That was 2 days ago. Did I just scare him away because I went from one extreme to another? I refuse to text further to prevent any further damages. I do really like him and just wanted to keep some kind of relationship going with him. Did I Fuck up bad here?


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  • No. It seems he is just confused.


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