Do guys feel sad after breaking up with a girl?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me so he can focus on school and said we can definitely try again after he graduates this spring. If he said he loved me when we were together, would he be sad about breaking up? Or do you think he's relieved that we aren't together? And what does that mean when he says we can try again? Does he really want to or is he just trying to let me down easy?


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  • Yes we do, I recently had my heart broken, I was engaged to this girl and was with her for 3 years.
    I was absolutely gutted.

    Seems like he cares about you however he's concentrating on studying.

    • I'm so sorry to hear that :( did you end it with her or did she or was it a mutual decision?

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    • I really am sorry that happened to you! Just remember that everything happens for a reason, that's what I've been trying to do. There is someone out there for you and you will find her soon :)

    • Thank you for your kind words, I think I needed some closure on this breakup as my gut feeling tells me there was more to it than I know.

      Even I she had Cheated or left me for someone else I would rather be told the truth... That is closure, that means moving on quicker.

      Best of luck to you too, and hope you meet someone that will make you happy 😊

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  • He feels bad but sometimes in life we have to make sacrifices.

  • basically he is saying he needs to work on his future and can't be playing around with a girl he needs full focus on his studying


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