I just met him and now he's leaving?

After being a single mom for 5 years, I decided I was ready to start seriously dating. Created an online profile in Dec 2014 and ended up meeting a pretty respectable guy who happens to be in the Navy. It's been so refreshing to date someone like him, career oriented, a true gentleman, and my little one seems to like him too. The bad news however is that he's being stationed in VA and will be gone for 5 years! Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, he leaves in May! We're both currently in FL but my LIFE is in FL. Now I've tried the long distance thing before and it only ended badly on both ends of the spectrum. I really like this guy and see a future for us.. but the long distance thing DOES NOT sit well with me. Opinions anyone?
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  • I think you should ask yourself what you're truly willing to try. Think about the pros and cons and make your decision. Talking to him about it too and making things clear can help.


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