Ex girlfriend speaking again after a month?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me one month ago initally she was angry and doesn't speak with me, and later when I met her one day, she initiated contact by speaking with me. Again I met her after a week and she initiated contact by asking how is my work and studies going on. But she doesn't text me in phone. She has said to her friend that she wants to be cordial or just friends with me, and not more than that. She said she feels uncomfortable in front of others when we both aren't speaking (we have a set of common friends). So she initiated contact it seems. (but one of my friend said it may be just reasons to speak with me). Now At times she smiles at me when we look at each other. I am very confused. How should I react and I still love her and want her back.. What should I do get her back.. Your comments are welcome...


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  • Right now it seems she just wants to be friends


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