Girls!! Do you think your bf betraying you, if he visits massage parlours to get girls walking over him?

I get relaxation if girls walking all over me with their weight. So I visit parlours and ask them to walk on me.

Thats all , nothing else...

But you know there are conception of parlours acts as brothels

If my gf come to know, will she think I am not being loyal her.


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  • Why not get your girlfriend to set the mood, and walk on you?

    • Done and dusted, no one need say any more haha

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    • I'd do my research haha.
      On the best methods, how to do it properly, knowing where to step, how much pressure to put on, how to make it sexy as possible.

      Just make her feel sexy while doing it :)

    • Can't wait for the result of your research...

      You are awesome...

  • It's not something that I would like seeing.
    But if that's all it is... Sure i'd be willing to go with you.

    • Thanks a lot, as you have given me a relief, lets hope my gf will also think rationally like you.
      How would you react to my strange fantasy of being walked over...
      Would you like to persue me to get over it to be in a relationship.
      Or would you take initiative and try it by yourself to give me relaxation.
      if you were my gf!

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