How do I be in a relationship with someone that has loved enough before me to be engaged?

I've actually been divorced, but I do find it hard to accept he has loved so much once before. The way he talks to me and the things he tells me says he loves me. He wants to say it. But I feel afraid because he already has before.

But... *I* already have before, too!

Makes no sense. It's just weird for me. Any words of wisdom?

Thank you.


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  • I think you should be happy somebody is considering you seriously considering your age.

    • What? Being in your 30's isn't the end of the world. I'm only 2 years older than you, and I think it's sad you think love just stops in your 30's and possibilities stop. Sounds like you would very easily settle, and you should know that you should not -ever- settle. Whether you're 28 or 88

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    • Of course there's people like that, but so very far from everyone.

    • Que. Does not compute

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  • Just roll with it. No point to hold it against him. If you love him you won't think about what did in the past just what you two will do in the future


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  • You know the situation yourself. You know you're being hypocritical. You loved just as much as he did, so you have to take how you feel and project it onto him.


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