Has anyone ever got back with an ex after 8 months. If so, did it last the second time round?

Is it better to leave the past in the past or have one more shot at it?


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  • I got back with my ex but it was after 5 months of no contact and he came back to me. It didn't last very long though perhaps maybe two months and then he just called quits. Its better to leave it in the past. Go with your gut honestly, I didn't go with mind and I ended up getting hurt but I've healed. Its best to leave it in the past and juts go with your gut. If you feel like you two want different things in a relationship then maybe you to just aren't meant to be. When I got back with my ex a second time, I realized I was being used and taken advantage of after he broke up with me. He broke up with me out of the blue and it hurt me a lot but I've healed from it. I mean if you want to do it, do it. I've done it but it was 5 months for me, and I wish I had just kept on walking and never turned around.

    • I am thinking similar. Best just to keep the memories

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    • MHO just for that !

    • Those memories will fade with time just like they did for me.

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  • Well it ended terribly. Both of us wanted different things. We ended up manipulating each other, our egos ended up at odds with each other. Best leave the past in the past.

    • I kinda thought that. I've not heard that many stories of it ever working out well

    • I think it just depends on the people, and how willing both are to work at the relationship. My ex was so bitter from the first break up she got us back together so she could try to hurt me twice as bad as I hurt her

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