Is my ex using me?

so we broke up September. He dated someone from like November until 'apparently' 3 weeks ago. He was my first love and I'm so comfortable around him.

But, we hungout once and we just smoked and I asked him if he was still with his Gf (about 2-3 weeks ago), he said yeah and I asked him how it was going and he said 'alright'. That was it

Second time, he drove in a blizzard 30 mins to come see me and I asked again about his gf and he told me they broke up because he felt like it was a waste of his time. We hungout all day and ended up sleeping together.

I noticed his phone password is in an M formation, first letter of my name too

I can't tell if he's secretly still with his gf or what?

He also said he wants to remain single but wants to hold hands a lot when we're together. So confused… help?

Update: he said he has a free hotel room and asked me to spend the night with him tomorrow.


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  • Go go go go! I'm sure it'll be intense and fun. But do ask if he's still with her beforehand. It might make u feel better or worse depending on what he reveals


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