My boyfriend wants to brake up with me because he's bored?

We've been together 6 months now but I'm not aloud upstairs in his house NAND he's not aloud upsiars in his so we can't do anything! I really like him but he wants to brake up


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  • He wants to break up because he can't get laid? I don't really get the problem.

    • It's more that we have no alone time like it's never just me and him hanging out.

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    • His mum doesn't let him out the house cause it's close to exams now so the only time we do get is at his house in his living room with his two younger brothers

    • Trust me, if a guy really likes you he will understand that waiting for you is better than not having you at all. He should just hang in there until his exams are over.

  • Just let him go. He's bored, and you can't hold him captivateve in a relationship. With the restrictions you two face and the limitations he is feeling he has every right to not want to be in a relationship.


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