How can I get my ex girlfriend to miss me?

It's been 10 months since we broke up, and we dated for 2 and a half years. Im really starting to miss her. She told me on new years that it was weird without me around (basically that she missed me) and since then I've texted her twice with really low key conversations. I want her to call or text me again (she reached out to me a few times in prior months) but I'm not sure how to. How can I get her to miss me?


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  • You are both conversing. You are more than half way there!

    • Yeah but its really hard cause we go to college 250 miles away, so the most communication we have is texting...

  • It seems like she already does miss you. I think I'd suggest to go slow and go the friend route. I mean there's a reason you both broke up so she's not going to jump into your arms right at this moment but I suggest doing low-key friendly things like going for coffee, going to a music/record store or invite her to a concert or something fun.


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