Did he ever love me?

When I first met him he was needy and always questioned my love for him and I always reassured him and he always told me how much he loved me and he promised me all the time he would never break my heart and told me "I love you so much if I loved you anymore my heart would explode" after I questioned if our relationship was going anywhere.

But about 3 weeks ago he became distant a week after going back to work which is graveyard shift 12am-8am. But I questioned him 4 times in the past 2 weeks if he wanted to be with me and each time he would say he did and he loved me. But Sunday I asked him one more time because I had a gut feeling something was different anyways I asked him how he felt about me and how do I fit into his life and if he felt the same way about and all he said was "I don't know" it crushed me so I took it as if he didn't want to be with me so I said goodbye and asked did you ever love me and all he said was "I did love you and still do" and I said "then why are you letting me go" and he text back "No I'm not you are duh".

Anyways I told him I thought meant he didn't know how he felt about me and he said "I never said that" and I just told him that I loved him and I wanted to still be with him but he just said "can I have sometime to think" and I said yeah. So 2 days later he texts me "I have to get myself together" "I don't love you" "And I dont want to be with you"

SO my question is why would he say he loved me and then be so mean to be?

By the way everything was fine between us until January 25th when he became distant and quiet on the phone which is out of character. He even said sorry if I was too quiet and I told him it was ok and he said you promise and I told him I promised because I loved him. He said I'm just worried your going to leave me and said I will never do that and he had me promise him which I did.


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  • That's why you don't invest feelings into a insecure narcissist!

    • Yeah I have learned my lesson and will not fall for it again.

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