How do I get my ex back after being clingy?

I had been dating my ex since September and everything was fine up until Christmas time. I got my first BC shot and it played with my emotions good. I would be happy one minute then mad then crying. I wanted to cling to him more and more. I went and saw him on New Years and I know that my behavior was annoying. Well a week later I got mad at him and he had had enough so he called his ex and cheated. and she had cheated on him. Ik he thinks I'm annoying I just want another chance to show him I have calmed. What should I do?
It also took him 2 weeks after that to decide wether to break up or not.. I just miss him so much. He sometimes will either say im too good for him or hell be a jerk and say he only wanted to fuck me what do I do


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  • Walk away, hate to be blunt, sounds like he plays games


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