My ex still has photos of me/us up and has not deleted me off of any social media. what does this mean?

y ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago after two years of dating. He ended things because he claimed that commitment just wasn't his thing and he needs to experience life without being tied down. The day he ended things, he was giving me many mixed signals. He held my hand, kissed me (he leaned in) and comforted me before he ended up deciding he wanted to go. He told me he was conflicted and wanted to keep what we had but also wanted a fresh start. He seemed quick to give me my things and leave but he has not deleted me off of any social media and actually liked one of my Facebook posts recently. He also has not deleted any of the photos of me/us on his instagram and Facebook and posted on tumblr (that one of my friends saw) about how he took the picture of us down that he had up but he sleeps beside it.

What does all this mean? Its literally killing me inside that it all ended so suddenly an out of nowhere. We always talked about eventually moving in together and getting a puppy and he told me after he broke up with me that he loved envisioning that and that he wished that he met me 5-6 years from now.


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  • It means nothing, i have pics of 3 of the guys I've dated still on fb. That's a total of 5 years... 2 were for 2 years and 1 was for 1. It's just a real pain in the ass to take them down, there's a bunch that need to be deleted but whatevs. All break ups suck!! They really do!! I'm sorry you're going through that right now, but don't let him string you along with his bullshit. That's exactly what it is. It's hard to leave familiar things and people to experience the unknown.. so I'm sure it's hard for him to, but you'll both make it, and you'll realize why things happened the way they did. Don't wallow in the bad and sad parts, appreciate what y'all had, and go out and find yourself, enjoy your hobbies, meet new friends! Keep your head up sweetie!! I know it's rough now, but it gets better eventually


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