Does she want me back?

I'm seeing a few signs that my ex is trying to regain my attention, and is still attracted to me. It's been over 4 weeks of no contact since she dumped me, but she is throwing these signals at me even though she was the one that didn't want me. These signs are what i've noticed over the weeks.

Signs include:
1. Direct, blatant and prolonged eye contact when she passes by me at work.
2. Long, drawn out and warm "heys" when she sees me.
3. Constantly looking over at me when i'm not paying attention to her.
4. Finding excuses to strike up conversation when we do end up working together.
5. Unhappy "vibes" or body language when I remain indifferent to her being around me.
6. Receptive to my playfulness
7. Always looking in my direction
8. Laughs at my jokes, even the ones i know are totally stupid.
9. I even caught her following me at one point, and when she caught herself, she walked on past after i stopped and pretended to be "checking something out". Which she had already done before.

I'm being indifferent to them, and wanting her to work at getting me back, but these signs are a little obvious. She is yet to message me anywhere, but i have a feeling she is afraid to, since i said to her that "if she only wants to be friends, then we should stop talking to each and go our separate ways unless she changes her mind."

What do you guys think? Is she completely disinterested?

I think there's still attraction there; i think she is maybe regretting that she dumped me (she took it REALLY hard when i refused her friendship) and that there is still some interest.

And i'm thinking i need a kick in the rear end and move on, and forget her... but i'd still like to know for future reference.


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  • You are way over-analyzing her behaviour. If she didn't talk to you for a month then she was probably dealing with getting over you and if she has to work with you then she is probably being pleasant and friendly to seem fine and professional. None of those things are indicators of having an attraction to someone. I think you are interpreting them in a certain way because you want her to want you back, but honestly, unless she talks to you about it, she is simply being nice.


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