Is it weird to think more about your last partner when your feeling down about things or gave had recent unfortunate events?

My ex I still have feelings for is still on my mind a fair bit. I still love her. But I feel now as if I I think of her more when I'm feeling down because I would use to use her as comfort when things were going not so well while we were together. This is now a habit I think. I also think a lot about who she may be talking to or what she is up to. We are still on good terms and the future may bring us back together. But for now I need to move on. Is this normal behaviour and part of some insecurities? Any advice too?


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  • I think it's quite normal really. In fact, to NOT have these feelings is the abnormality, or at least a sign you probably didn't have much of a relationship to begin with.

    You might want to limit your contact with your ex. This in no way means that you do not remain polite, but there is some merit to the saying "out of sight; out of mind."

    • Yeah I agree completely mate. I'm stuck in between wanting her back on wanting to move on. I don't initiate any contact. I reply if she texts me which is rarely. But wether we were to get back together in the future or not I think the best way to heal is to right now move on and become a better me. This sounds great but I stem to be having some difficulties I guess

    • Wanting her her back or wanting to move on*

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