Just ended it for good. need support?

I have just ended a year long on/off relationship for good.
We are going to be friends, which i think is possible for us.
I am also quite sad & scared.
However, i'm quite a jealous person and i think i'm going to struggle when he starts to move on.
What should i do?


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  • I don't think you are ready to handle being just friends, tbh.


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  • One advice to you: do not try to remain friends. You need to go your separate ways and stop any form of communication, remove him from social media and anything that may even remotely remind you of him.
    Then focus on yourself. Get ahold of your friends and start going out more. If you don't have so many or they're too busy, I strongly advise you to join the gym or the pool, maybe do a new course, learn a language... just do some new activity and meet people. You might take a while moving on, but if you really, really want to stay friends with him, make sure you moved on completely. This is what worked for me after a lot of trial and error (mostly error) :) Be strong, you'll make it! Time will help a lot (cliche but true).


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  • You say your said and scared of remaining friends with him. Remaining friends after any kind of relationship is difficult and being friends with an ex doesn't really last. You should try to find a way to move on somehow. Distract yourself, go out and meet new people, or get a new hobby. But I can reassure you that being friends with your ex is not the way you want to go. I understand you probably don't want to hear this but its better to be strangers than to be friends with an ex. I tried being friends with my ex and it wasn't a good experience for me so I just cut him off completely. I know it sounds impossible to you right now but if you just give it time it will get easier like it did for me. Don't try to remain friends after a break up it just makes everything awkward. You need time away from him, if you have him on any social network, delete him immediately and block him. If you have his number block that to and delete it. Whatever you have the reminds you have him, its best to throw it away or delete or whatever you need to do. It helps you move on as well. I'm just saying being friends with an ex is not the way you want to go. Try to cut him off completely and never speak to him again. Act like he doesn't exist, look right through him like you don't even see him.

  • Take care of yourself before comming in contact with him. Go out, watch movies, work out. I don't know, anything to get your mind off him.

    Because if you start the friendship now, it might create problems since your emotions are all over the place.

    If he starts moving on, you should as well. there's no reason to stay in pain.


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