Did he just want to use me?

So, I was somewhat dating this guy. He never wanted a relationship with me, never wanted to be seen with me in public, but we always acted like we were dating and yes we've kissed and we have gone pretty far.. He just broke up with me and I'm really hurt by it. I was head over heels for him. Everybody always told us to just date already and he kept telling me the only reason he wouldn't date me was because he was moving. I'm so crazy over him and now I don't know what to do, I'm really hurt by this..
He wasn't dating her when we started flirting. He started dating after we started flirting...


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  • really think... I know you're young but think
    why are you so head over heels for a guy who...
    --- didn't want a relationship
    --- didn't want to be seen in public with you
    --- had a gf and was cheating on you
    --- consistently lied to you

    those are four of the worst things that can occur in a relationship and it shows without a doubt that guy is scum bag. I think you'll come to realize this for the time being just consider that you are definitely better off without him. you deserve something better and convince yourself of that. you dont' deserve to be kept a secret. real love means you want shout it from the roof tops. real love means you do everything to avoid hurting the person. real love means you don't make a habit of lying.

    this guy was a douche. you'll come to realize that especially when you meet a guy who isn't

    • thumbs up!! great opinion bro :)

    • But here's the thing... He made me really happy and kinda made my depression go away. I really enjoyed spending time with him but he ended up really hurting me in the long run :/

    • why did he make you happy? because he was nice, and gave you attention? there are guys who can provide those things without lies, betrayal, cheating, and sneaking around.

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  • Its just one of those. live and learn things..
    Especially highschool guys, your age... they're all kinda douchey and don't know what they want.
    A relationship isn't it. They want action, not tying down.
    Just be more careful with your feelings now.. Don't give what they want so fast, or you usually will end up sad.
    Not saying there isn't great guys, but not 14 ish year old guys. Not for that.


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  • So in the beginning, you were messing around with a guy that you already knew had a gf? You do realize his ex gf was probably just as hurt, if not more hurt than you right now? If you were older, I'd say you deserve it but you're only 14 so just learn from it. Next time, don't mess around with a guy who's already taken because if he's willing to hurt his girlfriend for you, don't be shocked or upset if he pulls the same shit on you.

    • he wasn't dating her when we started flirting.. They started dating after him and I were flirting for a while..

    • Ahh okay. But you should never expect anything from a guy who's like this "He never wanted a relationship with me, never wanted to be seen with me in public".

  • how did he break up with you if he never wanted a relationship. also were you two actually in one? or just "somewhat dating" whatever that means.

    if he told you he doesn't want anything serious because he's moving soon and you went pretty far with him that's all on you. learn from this.

  • If a guy didn't want a relationship, be scene with you in public, he had a gf all of this why would you be so deep into the guy? I think you deserve lot better what you think?


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