Anyone match this sucky ironic Valentine's Day plan?

My plans for tomorrow consist of meeting up with my ex to exchange our shit. Happy Valentine's Day to Me.

Anyone else have any blah Valentine's tales?


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  • I have to wake up at 7:30 tomorrow for the 9:00 mid term.
    It's reading week where I'm at so there's gonna be a SHIT-TON of parents in college and (look... I REALLY don't want to be racists but I just can't) those fucking parents have no considerations what so ever for people other than themselves...
    They just stand in the middle of the aisle talking loudly to each other blocking the way , which I usually would just go

    "FINE! Fuck you then"

    But when they are getting between ME and MY DELICIOUS BRISKETS in the canteen cos it's suck a WONDERFUL FUCKING PLACE for a chit chat ain't it right in front of counter.


    I flew 10,000 km to runaway from that nightmare but it seems the nightmare just follows me wherever I go.

Valentines Day

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  • I'm sorry about that :( I had a recent breakup too. I'm gonna take the love I would have given to my ex and instead give it to my parents and my pets.

    • that rhymes :3

    • I know :P It just sort of came out, so I thought "why not?".

Valentines Day