How do you know if your ex is trying to play mind games?

I will give the short version. I just found out my ex girlfriend of six years who is also the mother of my child a 2 year old has been cheating for two years on and off. I kicked her out about a month ago and within in the first two weeks i told her i still love her but she says she doesn't love me. Well i took that hard but things has been better for me since she left. She has not tried to small talk much but when she does i shut it down or dont respond to text messages that have nothing to do with my daughter. She even tried to ask me to do certain favors and i put my foot down and told her do not ask me for anything if its not dealing with the baby and she seemed very shocked by that due to the fact I sacrifice a lot for her when we were together. I dont know if she regrets it because she is stubborn but she is over all friendly. Twice this week she calls and claims the baby wants to talk to me (mind you the baby does not talk) and when i call back the baby is always playing and she seems to try to strike a conversation. Today she calls and ask me to drop a piece of mail for my babys insurance. I agree and told her i would be there around 4ish. I get there mabye 20 min before 4 and i was suprised to see to guys sitting on the couch with my baby around these guys I dont know. One of them I might have been her cousin but the other I did not know. She dosent say who they are and they dont say anything to me. I take my baby out side mainly because i was uncomfortable then opened the door to let the baby in so i could leave then she says like she suprised oh your leaving and i did not respond and left. I didn't get mad or anything i was just emotionless. I understand that its not my house but I feel like she did this on purpose to piss me off because i kicked her out and after she told me she did not want anything to do with me I totally left her alone and been doing much better. I wandering because I do love her is she doing this to hurt me or does she want me back?
That kinda came across my mind that she didn't because she has tried to be pleasant but she used me even after i kicked her out and she is having a ruff time with out me so i figured because i put my foot down and let her know im not a foor mat that she would just try to act friendly so I can help her out more and she is just pissed that im not running back to her like I was in the last two years of our relationship


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  • All she is doing is trying to have a more pleasant relationship with you, which is what is sounds like if she's trying to talk to you. As for the people in her house, she can have people over and I doubt she strategically invited them to be there in the hopes it would piss you off. You may not like her but it doesn't mean everything she does is somehow an attempt to "mess" with you.


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