Is it possible for a guy to lie to his friends about cheating to fit in but really not be cheating?

I found out that my fiance of (dating for 7 years) told his friends that he was getting girl's #'s and talking to other girls on the side and going to strip clubs. A friend of his' fiance told me and when i confronted him, he said that he only told those stories to fit in with the guys, most of which who are single. When we are together, I know that he has self-esteem issues and always wants to be the "cool guy" and fit in. I know that he has been cheated on in the past and I dont think that he has that in him to do it. However, i know that the attention he seeks makes him feel important and cool. Is it possible that these are all lies to his friends or do you think that he is just covering his tracks?


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  • Um, yeah, that's not right. A guy should not be 'trying to be cool' that way and is not a person you probably want long term unless you like STD's and a liar for your mate.



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