Why is she sending mixed signals? What should I do?

This girl and I went has been on a few dates, and we have interest in each other. She's cool we get along, she's gorgeous, etc; but she doesn't text back much or if she does she takes hours to do so at times. Well she went around asking our clsssmates about me, things like if I had a girlfriend, and that I was sending mixed singals.

Well earlier the other day I told that I had interest in her. She said she found me attractive, and she wants to have sex with me, but she said she doesn't do that because we know the same people, and she also doesn't want a relationship. I was cool with it. Later on a group of friends came over. We started drinking and smoking she became touchy and flirty, then a few girls came in and what not. I started speaking to them because we all are friends.

She then said "why are you talking to her so much, you know she wants to fuck you." Then she just got up and left. My question is: if you don't want anything with me why are you worried about I do? And get mad when other women are around? Any advice on what I should do? Should I just leave it alone or try and have sex with her or try to date her still?


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  • she doesn't want anything serious but also want to keep anyone else from having you.


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