I stopped all contact with my ex

when we broke up. Well, he broke up with me.

He tried contacting me a week later, once at 3 in the morning, and again the next day. Inviting me out to "catch up". Told him I was busy, which I was.

Should I keep in contact with him? I feel bad, and I'm confused as to what to do. We've been together for nearly two years, and had a great friendship for over a year before we became anything.

I don't want to lose a great friend, but at the same time, he really really hurt me. Bad. I gave him everything he could have wanted, and he pretty much lived with me. And then he went off to college and changed his tune. Which was pretty douche-like of him.

Anyway, my question is, has anyone ever had a successful friendship with someone you've been in a long relationship with? How did it work?

Should I even keep in contact with this guy?

I stopped all contact with my ex
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