How long does it take to get over the bitterness?

Last year I really liked this guy I met through a friend of mine. We really hit it off and we were Valentine's last year. He then ended it with me because my depression came back. I tried to tell him I wasn't mad at him and I was worried about my mom because she found a lump. He ignored me and him and my friend talked badly about me behind my back. I would have panic attacks but it was due to a pituitary tumor that would put me into episodes of psychosis. I was ignored by both of them for months. This woman had been my friend for 14 years and had only known him for 1 year (not even really). 3 months later they tell me they are interested in each other and I shouldn't be upset because clearly him and I didn't have a connection. I was told by both of them I ruined it by having anxiety issues. Now everywhere I go I see them. I went on instgram today and saw pictures of them giving each other presents. I hadn't been on Instagram for a while. How long does it take for the bitterness to go away? I can't do much because of the tumor. How do I get closure and move on?
Anyone have advice here? Please?
How do you guys get over betrayal?


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  • The bitterness will be there as long as you want to be bitter. I'm sorry that you were dumped because of your serious personal issues. However, for most guys, they don't want to deal with that in a relationship that was just starting. What's worse for you is your former best friend stabbed you in the back and is dating him. I would recommend moving forward and not worry what they do. In order to help you, delete them from your Instagram and delete them off of Facebook.

    • Thanks! I understand not wanting to deal with depression but the problem was he talked badly about me behind my back. He kept telling me I was mad at him but I kept trying to tell him I was waiting for my moms test results. My friend told him how I was on antidepressants and my past. He ran for the hills

    • Don't worry too much. You'll find someone who will understand and see the good side of you.

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  • I think the guys opinion was absolutely correct, we choose daily whether we want to be angry or happy. I've been through something similar and you are giving them more credit then they're due when you hold hostility towards them. You're best bet is to block them keep you head held high, and keep it pushing. My mom always said the best revenge is to be beautiful, successful, and to move the hell on. Have faith in yourself you're better than that.


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