Help! How do I explain how I'm feeling without coming across as needy?

I started dating this great guy who goes to the same college as I do. He's in very demanding major and I understand that it requires a lot of studying time and that we don't get to hang out as much. But our time together is getting to be less and less, I'm lucky to see him for maybe an hour every week. He's always so stressed out when I do see him, and he rarely texts anymore as well. Last night, I had asked if he had wanted to take a study break and hang out and he got really upset and he had so much to do. He said he was really sorry but he had to focus. he said I could come over and just sit with him as he studied but I said no. I told him don't worry about it and i'd see him later in the week. but he just kept apologizing so I ignored his texts. Today, I was surprised to get a text from him, asking if I wanted to come over for a few hours later tonight but we didn't really set any plans.
I don't feel connected to him because we don't have any quality interaction anymore. We don't get the opportunity to sit down and just talk and catch up. I don't think its fair that he feels so guilty about not being able to spend time with me. At the same time, I think I deserve someone who is able to put effort into our relationship.
I don't know... how do I talk to him about this without coming across as needy? Do I just need to end this before either of us gets anymore stressed out and upset. Seriously, I need advice!


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  • Is he worth fighting for? Do you think he's a good enough guy that you're willing to stick with? If you do, then you can make it work. If he is studying, hang out with him that way. Bring your stuff and study with him. While you're studying and in person, you can encourage him to take a study break. Give him a massage, or while on that study break you two can walk and get coffee.


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