How long should I wait to contact him again for closure?

Boyfriend broke up with me. The context of our relationship wasn't helping. When he broke up with me he asked to stay as friends, but I said I needed time to think about it. Later, I texted him explaining that I was going to block him from all social media because it would be better if during this time we "disappear" from each other. One week later, I decided to text him "Hello" on Whatsapp. He read my text and he blocked me. I sent him a SMS "I would like to talk to you for the last time. I think that I have the right to do so."

I'm not sure why he blocked me, however, I think I need some closure. I have the feeling that he is having a bad time because he created a Spotify playlist a couple of days ago, and it's full of break-up and sad songs.

How long should I wait to contact him again? A couple of weeks? A month? How long? (Please don't tell me that he should chase me and contact me first.)


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  • Don't wait for this guy. You're making yourself look pathetic. Move on


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