I don't know how to be in a relationship since my divorce. How do I deal with this?

I've been single almost 3 years. I just never got the feeling of wanting to be in a relationship again.

Now I find myself in one and I feel like I don't know how to be. I don't know how to incorporate him in my life and I feel set in my ways. Needing my freedome, independence and alone time. Yet I have a blast when I'm with him and he treats me amazing... And... We are really perfect for eachother. I am so guarded but can say that.

I don't know how to change my ways. It's a new relationship, though. Only been a couple weeks. I get overwhelmed a LOT because he wants to see me all the time. I have communicated all of this to him. And the fact we can have these conversations is wonderful..

Nothing with him is anything I never wanted in my marriage. He is actually everything I've ever wanted in a partner. So why is this so hard? Because I'm really THAT set in my ways? I didn't go looking for this. He pursued me. It happened. And I feel like I don't know how to enjoy this amazing thing.


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  • In your case, considering your divorce and the freedom and self-reliance you've become accustom to in singledom, your difficulties to adjust to an unexpected, fast paced transition into a newly, unexpectedly formed relationship is to be expected.

    With that being said, a relationship of any kind will unlikely completely change your individual needs, interests, or boundaries outside of a relationship in an instant. You need time to adjust.

    My advice: be exceptionally honest about your need to slow the pace of the relationship down until you are in a place emotionally to fulfil his needs and wants, or, at least, compromise.

    • Yes exactly! I haven told him where im coming from... He seems to be leaving it in my hands and it kills me because I can tell he wants to see me so much more just by what he's saying. I pushed myself and will have him by tonight which I think is reasonable. But still, I am so caught in my routine. I would rather relax before another workday. Especially since it's a new relationship we aren't going to sit there in silence and it requires my energy and attention the most right now. I'm worried I will never change. I've been like him.

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  • My husband left us a year ago when we had our last kid because he has always been afraid of having kids (so embarrassing). I was in a dark world, things did not go as we have planned when we exchanging our marriage vows, he hates kids and never plays with them even on their birthdays; he always wants to have me alone for reasons best known to him. I tried teaching him ways to love kids but he constantly keeps his distance away from them which made them to think that he is not their father.
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  • Still hung up on the divorce and in a relationship. You are in a "too good to be true" mode. I suggest you find a way to bring that down. easiest way is to just relax and let him steer the ship... in time, you will adjust to the flow of things...

    • I'm not hung up on the divorce at all. That has long since been healed from

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    • Oh that definitely, not just the divorce but what went on in the marriage as well

    • yea, its easy to see why. it takes a while to sink in that things are going smoothly after things went horribly wrong, its natural to be skeptical whether consciously or subconsciously.. thats why i said, stop thinking, relax and let him handle things, you will come back to the surface soon enough.

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  • Just do everything you did last time. Congrats by the way! But when I was bf/gf with David (I know I'm 13) we just hung out and had a good time. Don't overthink things and you'll be ok :)

    • do everything she did last time? you did see the turn out right?

    • Yeah I know, but what do I say other than that? Most likely the problem was with him not her, right? So, tadda.

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