Part 1__Is it worth trying to maintain a friendship with her?

Part 1
So at the beginning of this year (on 1/7/15) my ex broke with me, whom I loved deeply and I thought the feeling was likewise) for something I thought she should have talked to me about before proceeding. She first told me that "she didn't have feelings for me". I asked how long she felt that way. She said a couple of weeks. As I thought about it, that didn't make sense to me cuz it didn't it didn't match up with the timeline of things she told me on Facebook, the way she talked about me infront of here friends family. I txted her and told her that. She replied back that she wasn't over her ex. That didn't make sense either. Like a week later she had to come by because she owed me some money for nonrefundable plane tickets I bought for a trip we planed to take in March. At that point I asked her if it was cuz I couldn't satisfy her in bed. That was the sole reason. The next day I went to my Doc, and he said ED is not normal at 31 yo. He tested me for Diabetes and my testosterone.
After the facts it seems like she didn't care either way cuz I txted her and gave her my the info and some research and said that I thought I had Low T

I emailed the text messages to my self and will copy them to part 2 cuz I didn't have enough room to do it here in one.


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  • Nope the best way to get over her is to cut all ties

    • if you were in her situation what would you have done if your man couldn't get it up not knowing the reason why he couldn't get it up.

    • I would stuck by your side while we figured out what was wrong

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