How do I let go of a "friend with benefits"?

So for almost a whole year, my physical relationship with my guy friend has escalated. We're both innocent people, and still virgins but physically we act as a couple (hold hands, cuddle and kiss). We've become so comfortable around each other and its like we have this sort of magnet around each other. Unfortunately, I lost my first actual kiss to him. I say unfortunately because I wanted to save it for someone who deserved it. He hurts me emotionally, insults me (not too harshly) and barely talks to me when we're not around each other. I hate myself for letting hormones take over me and allow him to take advantage of me but I can't deny that I feel happy when we hug and kiss, it makes me forget my anger towards him.

In the end, I know he's no good for me because he's still my friend but then again I dont feel like he actually is. I dont know how to let go of something that was the closest thing I had to having a boyfriend and that brought me happiness I've never felt before..


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  • Give yourself daily pep talks and avoid him


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