Now I know why I gave up on MEN!!

I was heartbroken not to long ago and swore would never date again, but of course I was sucked in my charm.

I met a wonderful guy on line, believe it or not, we emailed each other back and forth a couple times a day for a week before we met, then we met for a brief luncheon, it was amazing, everything clicked, its all good, never set up a second date, but I was willing to wait, then after the date, we text four or five times through out the day, and he continued to tell me how wonderful I was. But after the date no phone calls, no arrangements to meet again, only text.

Now nothing, he just stopped it all, yesterday was his birthday, and I asked him if I could take him out for a drink...

no response, do you think he got scared or is there a better chance maybe he's married or involved? I can't believe it, after all the nice things he said, he was almost my perfect match!
Now I know why I gave up on MEN!!
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