Guy, what would you do if you got one of those "closure letters" from a girl?

I recently had a falling out with a girl and we ended it. I didn't want a relationship and she did. I tried to apologize to her but it was over a text conversation (I know that's not ideal) so I couldn't really say all that I wanted to say.

A few days later I got a email from her and it was a letter telling about how much I hurt her and how I never really liked her in the first place and how I used her for sex.

There are some things that I want to address but I don't want to cause a big argument.

Should I respond or just not say anything?


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  • Okay so I have also been one of those girls who wrote a guy an entire letter to explain to him exactly how I felt, I actually wrote two. And let me just say this, when he responded to the first one, I had to write a second one. It just felt like this is a way to keep in contact with him. I would deliberately say things which I knew he would react to because I wanted to hear from him. And I did not really care whether he was angry about what I said to him, I just wanted some reaction from him, and I got what I wanted. Then, when I wrote the second letter, his response was only sorry. That made me a bit angry because I wanted him to send me a lengthy reply and he did not. After the disappointment, I did not contact him again. And I guess that is what he wanted. So my advice would be rather just say sorry, don't admit to anything or argue about anything she had said. Or the other option is just to not reply at all. Both those would hurt her but she will get the picture a lot sooner than if you did argue with her and gave her the reaction she was looking for.


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