Seven long years of being friends best friends Dating engaged now Broken but hope what should I do?💔 ?

My ex that i have known for 7 years and dated for only 3Months broke up in November we didn't speak for 2weeks Then all of a sudden he start calling me everyday. He says i can't go a day without you and how he needs me. IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP NOW?
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  • why did you two break up? If you dont mind me asking that.

    • Cold feet

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    • I see. Are you still in contact with him? If so I would say just see where things go. Keep you communication open and honest. If he still wants to get married before you're ready, then the relationship isn't for you.

    • I wish you luck!

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  • It's that feeling someone gets when they realize they lost someone very important in their lives. If you want to give him another chance, you can although it would be quite awkward. That just depends on how the first break-up occurred.

    • Cold. Feet i would say on my part and i wanted to wait to get married get done with school and find a job and he wanted to get married in 6 months

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    • I miss him

    • I just want A good future for us and i know if we get married school and My freams can go down the drain

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