How can I get him back in these 3 weeks before my flight? should I still fly to see him after 3 weeks?

my boyfriend and I are dating 7 months til now. We are in long distance relationship, he is in Europe , Im in asia. 1st month he visited me, 2nd month we apart. 3rd month I fly to see him. 4th month apart. 5th & 6th months I fly to stay with him again and 7th apart which is now.
He said to me this week, he doesn't see the future with me. He is doing things day by day and he see me have plan and doesn't see himself can match with my plan. He wanted the independence and he wants me to keep it on my own. he doesn't want me chasing him from different country and our relationship is getting too serious for him at the moment and long distance is one of the factors that he wants to stop here.
On the 3th month and 5th month, he asked me face to face will I move to his country with him, I said I can only move to his country when I have my job. then I plan for moving without telling him. the time we were face to face was very fun and sweet. we loved each other and didn't want to be apart again. once we apart, he created distance not sweet and bring up no future like this week.
I'm willing to move in 3 months after all plans but seems miss the right timing and flight already booked and flying in 3 weeks. he rarely call me and talk when we apart, mostly I call him. when we talk on phone, it always nice and fun and happy but not sweet and he is very sensitive to serious topic. how can I get him back in these 3 weeks before my flight? should I still fly to see him after 3 weeks?
After a day about broke up. He called as usual at the time he used to call me. what the hell he is thinking and why call me from this long distance? did he forget what he said the day before and pretend normal to call me everyday when he goes to work?


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  • I think you should move on...


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  • Unfortunately when a guy doesn't see you in his future, there's really not a whole lot you can do. And trying to hard to win him over will most likely come across as needy and that will push him further away. It's hard because you must really love him since you've already invested so much time and money into this relationship and are even considering moving to another country. But you should try and save yourself the extra heartache and not go out there to see him again. Hopefully you can be refunded for your airfare. I'm sorry /: but in enough time you'll be able to move on.

    • we booked the flight together every time before i left him. its not only my money, also his money. it is really invested in a lot. He said what we build and what we had are not fake. all his feeling to me was serious but he doesn't see the future. He always said that when we apart, onve we see each other, we are fine again and plan a bit together. I dont understand the change.

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  • you give too much. it will hurt you so much


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