I just got broke up by my ex. How do I get them back?

Me and who is now my ex have been together for over a year and I've been nothing but: depressed, upset & frustrated, to where I don't know what to expect or do
I know that she got really mad & upset by me not setting up plans, so she did make plans w/ someone else but wasn't honest about it. So, I sent her a text at 6pm asking what she'd like ta do, but she didn't text me back till 830pm. So, I didn't get back to her until 915 PM, that's going because I was getting ready
Than, she said: Took to Long, made other plans. So she actually did go out with somebody else but was a honest with me. Thinkin she'll be at the bar that were usually she said don't bother because I won't be there, but she actually was; jus believe that she didn't want me to see her w/ someone else. Than I said me to bec I got upset, but I actually didn't. She said some pretty rude things, as me being an immature jackass, by not making plans with her.


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  • It sounds like your upset over your break up. First of all, take into account what made you break up with them and use that as a reason to remind yourself of that before trying to get back together with her. Getting back with her will be quite tricky since you were the one who broke up with them, but usually girls like to know that they are special and they like to feel important/ needed. It may be cheesy, but if you're really desperate to get her back, you should write her a love letter and write about how you miss her and honestly just tell her the truth about how you're feeling. Best of Luck!

    • Thanks 4 that. That is the case, to where she didn't feel appreciated enough because I didn't make plans, one day prior from New Year's Eve

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  • im still figuring that out myself. been reading a lot of articles , all say no going no contact gives you an opportunity, i do think its partially true. i would not suggest ignoring your ex when they contact you, but dont respond straight away.

    so me and this girl, she broke up with me, telling me a 100 x times that it was over but later made a vague comment about trying again. next day i saw her in town, and i was jogging with another girl ( who happens to be pretty ), i said Hi to her, like we agreed to do. stay friendly and she ignored me and by her face my female friend told me she didn't like it one bit.

    so after 2 weeks i contacted her again, first phone call was horrible, 2nd one was way better. she was stil upset, after she broke up with me, i wrote some horrible stuff about her on my fb wall, after i found out she started seeing someone else straight away, maybe she saw another 2 guys, most likely. after she miscarried from me, i was so upset, i was and always will be the father of what would have been our child. how can she just dump me like that. She later added me back on fb, and whats app. i can contact her , but im not doing that right now for 16 days, ill keep up to 3 or 4 weeks, than just call her and keep it a short fun conversation. than not contact her for another week or so.

    i think you shouldn't beg her, just agree with her. I've noticed after 2 weeks not talking to each other, she was a bit more open and less emotional.

    keep some distance, tell her, that it maybe is better we stop seeing each other, agree with her. thats a sign of maturity , than go no contact. never ignore her, but let her figure things out herself. she liked you once, she could like you again but you should play it smart

    • plus: im also hitting gym hard , i want to look the best i can, and we will cross paths again, either by coincdence or by me, showing up at a place i know she will be at... i want to show her that i changed in a positive way. im growing a nice sexy beard, working out, getting a tan, growing my hair back, maybe get a tattoo. when i think im ready ill let soemone take pics from me and post them on fb.

    • Ya, it's been driving me crazy because of her not responding to any of my texts, which I'm sure gave her a power trip bec I sent one too many. So hopefully I didn't freak her out, or it's just that she could've blocked me but I have no idea

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