So just found out my ex has a new boyfriend. Is this a possible rebound or just change or circumstances?

Not sure wether this is a good thing or not for plenty of reasons. So found out my ex girlfriend whom I still have feelings for has a new boyfriend being a guy mate she had know for a while. As gutted as I am finding out I'm confused if it's a rebound or something bound to of happened because she hates being alone. They hardly saw each other while we were together. She didn't seem flirty or even friendly with him while we were together so it seems to be a rebound being only four weeks since our breakup. She hates being single and has a lot of insecurities so I hope for her sake she doesn't end up hurting herself. It also takes her a while to feel sexually and just normally comfortable with someone so I find this odd. I feel as if it will help me move on but also make it harder knowing she is already taken making me feel inadequate. We broke up due to unfortunate events and myself getting depression and not being able to be there for her. Her new boyfriend ticks most the boxes gets out a lot and seems fun which is what I wasn't nearing our breakup. Just need some advice for future preference if this is a rebound how should I respond if she contacts me? I won't initiate any contact because I don't feel in anyway inclined. But I don't want to be a safety net she thinks she could come back to in the future because we ended on good terms. Any advice much appreciate because I'm very confused
Don't get me wrong she may of been friends with him for some time which probably made it more convenient. But knowing someone from a friendship and then being in a relationship is completely different. The commitment is completely different therefore the convection is different so moving so quickly into another relationship without that connection knowledge leaves that person fairly misguided


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  • Only she knows if it's a rebound or not and it's best not communicate at all. Don't respond if she txts you. Let her relationsgip runs its course and try to focus on feeling better instead of your exs new bf.

    • Yeah I agree I'll try not to focus in it too much. But yeah I'll keep to my self for now and try be a better me

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  • If its only been over for 4 weeks then its most likely a rebound. I don't care what the research says about rebounds being good for you they're not they just stink of desperation of not wanting to be alone. If she contacts you tell her to do one you don't need people like that who will jump into another relationship straight after. Speaking from experience my ex sounds exactly like yours loads of insecurities and hates being alone and needing someone there for her all the time.

    • Yeah I'm in agreeance with you there you there mate. I don't hate her though because I was the cause for our initial breakup but people with those amount if securities can be dangerous so think I will steer clear. But who knows could be something that lasts if so good for her she deserves to be happy. As for me kinda sucks haha. She was the best girl id been with so far but there's a lot others out there I guess. How did you deal with this?

    • Insecurities*

    • Just had too if I'm honest she was really horrible after she broke up with me and only consolation the guy she's going out with is an absolute wrong'un lol

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  • Some people grieve the end of a relationship faster than others and some people are just insecure and scared of being alone.

    • Ueah knowing which one it may be is hard. But in this circumstance we. Ended on good terms no bad blood. Also she was a very insecure person and did gate to be alone I just don't want her coming back to me while. This behaviour is being done. Because I'll be more inclined to just ignore her.

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    • Had*

    • Doubt* not fount

  • Some people handle it this way others grief forever. If it feels right it's healthy. If not it's probably an issue you have with yourself.

    • I understand that but in this circumstance removing feelings from someone you use to have strong feelings for don't just to away over a few weeks especially when you wnd on good terms. It's just concerning that you don't find out theses idd behaviours till you breakup.

    • Ended*

    • It happens either yoy feel the need to get over it or the other person is really wonderful

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  • Not knowing how to be alone will always make you a slave to the will of the group.

    • Could you please elaborate on that mate

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    • Yeah that's true I think my ex has a lot of growing and maturing to do. I'm just happy I've realised all this earlier rather then later

    • Better 24 than 74

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