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My first love broke up with me about a month ago... we are both 21 in college. Her reasons behind the breakup were typical "I don't feel the spark anymore" "I just wanna be single" "I love you but I'm not in love" We met back on my birthday last April, talked everyday dated and went out official in September until mid January. The connection between us was crazy and I treated this girl way way way to good. Always taking her out, having super fun with her and just be the best boyfriend I could ever possibly be! Anyways my now ex started giving me mixed signals right before winter break... saying she wants a break and she's not sure... which I respected but at the same time acted so happy to be with me, told me constantly how much she loves me... etc. however right before I come back to school she goes out on a date with the kid who was "confusing" her and she dumped me over the phone right before we began our semester together. My ex however reflecting back now has a really immature personality and is a huge arrogant bitchy approach to everyone and everything. She thinks she greatness... super cocky it's disgusting. Anyways I know this "kid" doesn't want to date her and honestly doesn't give a dam about her, plus I just saw she has be talking to her first bf since two years ago on whom cheated on her and completely treated her like utter crap for the entire relationship. So what's gives when I gave this girl the world.. and she dropped me so easily for nothing. Funny cause the kid she left me for, initially was the same kid she cheated on this first bf ex... obviously I still have feelings for her... I'm not sure what's going through her head and why she bouncing around now with all these past flames and never gave her the time of day. I feel completely used to an extent considering I did way too much for this girl, but I genuinely thought our feelings were really strong and mutual. I'm wondering what's going on and if she'll ever realize what she lost?


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  • she will most likely realize it later in life, not any time soon. as long as she's young and has other options she's gonna run. it really sounds like she has both commitment issues and has the need for attention. you have feelings now because it was so soon. but if your still disgusted by her personality then it won't be like that for long.

    but remember this. you say you treated her way way to good, and that seems highly true.
    but dont let a comment like ''common mistake. now you know better"
    change that good.
    what you really need to do is next time your with a girl, take it slower and consider her past.
    dont expect a girl whose cocky, whose cheated, and who talks to her ex's to be there for you.
    find a girl with easier to handle baggage and who know what they want in a serious relationships.

    • Yea I totally agree... it was difficult at the time because the way she made it seem, I could fully trust her and she really wanted us to work out... I was going off her words more then her actions. But I still justified treating her so well cause it made her really happy.

      She definitely all about attention and drama, I just know these guys that she's pursuiting will only use her for sex, but she made it seem like that's what she wanted..

    • its just might be what she wants, but you deserve better =) goodluck

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  • "I treated this girl way way way to good."

    Common mistake. Now you know better.

    "if she'll ever realize what she lost? "

    Unlikely. You spent all your time telling her how wonderful she was. Why wouldn't she believe you, and eventually think you don't deserve someone as awesome as her?

    • That's true she probably has such a head rush from the way I treated her and kissed her Ass that she thinks she can expect the same from these typical college assholes, realitive to someone who genuinely love her.

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  • Sometime especially with people who are immature once the spark is gone they leave the relationship because there isn't as much passion. This sounds like the case with your ex.

    Also because you were so giving she probably had the mentality that "oh this is easy maybe I can work a bit harder to get a better guy" it's not your fault she is a bitch and walks all over people though. With any other type of girl you would be great. But this chick needs to chase the guy because once she has him she will move on.

    She will likely break up with the other guy once she gets what she wants or gets tired of chasing it. Then she will probably come back to you.

    My recommendation is she is not worth it. Don't take her back because it will only end the same way.

  • Let go. It's over


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  • I don't know what is goin on


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