Does he still care?

Me and this guy met oct 2014, spoke everyday since upto 5 hours a night , skyped, Facebook, txts, and phone calls. Went to see him end of Jan, first night was perfect he told me how happy he was I had come, we had a few problems after that with meeting up misunderstandings. Sent him photo on whatsapp, before I joined he had signed in 1 week before, when I sent him stuff, he now comes on everyday, I sent him photo of his Valentine's gift was going to give him when I went there he lives overseas, I got text back after saying, I don't care, don't want anything from u, give me space, and peace bye, after sending that he logged in 1 hour after and again later that night. He also went on again the day after. Do you think he still cares? and is just upset and angry?


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  • He told you to leave him alone! How much plainer can he make it?

    • I know that but he keeps going back on went on twice that night and again last night, and before used it week before I joined, and rarely went on

    • He's just been on again just now

  • No he doesn't care its simple. Open your eyes.


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