I need help understanding his reasons for our breakup. Can any guy here help me please?

So we just broke up recently. And I honestly believe it was my fault. I sent him a message saying something like wanting to know how he really feels so that we won't be wasting each other's time. But I wrote also that I really want to make the two of us work, I just fel that he didn't feel the same way as I do.

So anyway, he replied saying he wanted this to end. we had a very long talk discussing about this and the summary is:

1. He said That looking back, he saw that he had made me happy but also unhappy a lot of times, and he doesn't want me to feel stressed.

2. It won't work out between us because the problem is he sometimes suddenly lacks communication with me and seeing how I'm hurt, he doesn't want to make me feel that way. He said he lacked communication to everyone though not just me

3. We don't match. he said there's something with my personality but won't say why. I kept on asking then He suddenly changed and said that it was because of him. That he felt lazy

4. He doesn't like a long distance relationship.

5. I said that I'm okay to wait for him and he insisted a lot of times not to wait for me because he says why would I be doing that myself. He thinks he doesn't deserve it

6. He told me he still likes me but won't let me wait for him.

7. He said he doesn't want to waste my time

8. He wants me to move on and insists I entertain other guys.

9. Said there are no other girls and he's not looking for anyone. He just wanted to be alone.

the bottom line is, he kept on changing his reasons every time I probe deeper into it. I feel like he's just making excuses Because when he can't answer, he'll just say I don't know, or I'll have to look into that or it's final.

My question is, is he just saying this because he thinks it's what I wanted? But I already told him I want to make it work and I can wait for him. So when he comes back here for good, is there a possibility he'd still want to be with me if I don't have anyone?


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  • The same thing happened with me. But in the end we broke up. He wasn't able to handel the long distance and that's why he started visiting prostitutes. So.. I would advice you to move on in life. Don't waste your precious time on him. He has already made clear that he won't be able to handle LDR. Respect his decision and move on.

  • Isn't this a conversation you should have with him considering he knows this better then any stranger on the Internet woukd?

    You're looking for closure and for answers

    • I already talked to him about it. He said he doesn't want to say yes that there's a chance we could end up together because I might hold onto that and not entertain other guys.

      I feel that he really cares for me, but doesn't want me to 'sacrifice' by waiting for him? What do you think? ?___?

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