Live-in-boyfriend. How do I get out?

My boyfriend has sent nudes to his ex, snapchatted other girls for nudes, and now I've caught him using Confide to talk to his ex again. He lies constantly. I love him, but I just don't know if I can deal with it anymore. The problem is that we live together. We both signed a lease to an apartment and the lease isn't up for a pretty long time. Any advice?


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  • You may be able to sub-lease to someone but who would want to live with this loser. So I think you'll just have to agree to get along through the completion of your lease.
    Ask yourself why you're bothering to love a guy who treats you with no respect!


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  • Find someone online willing to take over the lease, or tell your bf that you're breaking up with him and go live with someone else and pay your side of the rent until you or he finds someone to take the lease.

    • Make sure you get a contract notarized saying that person will be paying your part incase they opt out in the future.

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  • Not sure about the lease part... need to get legal advice. Then, get the fuck out!!!


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