Should I believe them?

I called it quits today. We had been having serious talks for the past 10 daysor so and it eacalated to her wanting a break to work on her outaide of a relationship. Today it all hit me though that it felt like I was just the next in a pattern. Being strung along until she could find a way out without feeling guilty.

I called her on it after I said we were done. I said a lot of hurtful things. My selfish goal of trying to make her feel the pain I was going through. Afterward she told me she felt she hadn't loved me for quite some time. Yet she had been saying and doing things every so often that really showed she felt love was there and we were working back to it. Even us sharig what I thouhht was a very promising kiss as we agreed to a break. Today she says it was her just simply hoping it was real and that it obviously wasn't since I was saying the things I had. I feel like a fool, not knowong what to believe. I know what I want to believe, and that being when i slipped up and got distant, we just waited too long to fix it. But she was adamant thats not true.

I feel I play the part of the fool regardless. This is the definition of hell.


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  • Being strung along or taken for granted sounds worse than being alone. Especially after what she said about being on the fence about loving you. You're either in love with someone, or you're not. Every relationship requires effort, but that effort should never include trying to force your feelings for someone or your attraction towards them. Those are two things you should never try to fake! I'd much rather suck up the heartache and/or loneliness than lay awake at night wondering if I'm a chump. But only you know what your history is with her and how good or bad things have been lately.

    • I will probably eel that way myself for a long time to come. Irregardless of whats been said and done, I just can't... stop.

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    • First one that has ended like this. Where I know I made self distancing mistakes and I thought we were working to get through it. But then I saw the pattern of how her and I got together unfolding again with t least one of her friends. I dont know any certainties. But it sickens me to the point of almlst doubling over with the urge to vomit to even think sje would be doing anything of the sort that we did... especially if she said we were on a break and she was working through stuff.

    • That's pretty rough. Just assume it didn't happen and give her the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy wondering about it.

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