I feel like I've gotten my power back have you ever felt the same?

My ex used to abuse me physically, mentally and emotionally. He made me feel less than a woman and flirted with other girls all the time but what hurted the most was when I discovered he was having sex with men behind my back. Well after one year of hell I finally left him. He pleaded, begged and made excuses but I was firm and told him it's over. This time I'm serious and not ever going back like all the other times and though I'm hurt by what he's done I feel like I have strength. I have my power back and I like this feeling. :-)


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  • you did the right thing, you don't desevre to be with a jerk like him. you weren't happy with him, he abused you, didn't care for or respect you and will probably end up getting his ass kicked which shloud be coming to him any day now.

    find the guy for you, someone who:
    won't cheat
    won't abuseyou
    and isn't a scumbag


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  • Yes! I felt the same when I finally escaped that brutal path. Good for you for sticking up to yourself! That's not love!
    Now you see him weep and weak. And you see how you have the upper hand. really he's the weak coward bastard. Stay strong if you ever feel a relapse talk to someone and remind yourself everyday what he did


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