want him back.. what should i do?

We dated casually for three month but we were exclusive without labels I don't know what happen and we just stop talking on November later i sent him happy new year and he started talking to me on January he wanted to see me later i told him that i was might going back and he persue harder when we finally met in the superbowl at his house it was normal and the next day he invited me out to dinner that day he said he forgot his friends birthday that if i wanted to go with him i said yes and we went we had a great time i think i didn't kiss him or anything he said in the car he had fun and he even texted me after that saying he had fun with me i said we should repeat it soon because at that time I was supposly going the next day i texted him i was going to go ride bikes with one of his friend he didn't answer the next week i send him a text saying i was staying and he said congrats why he stop! what should i do now? it has been 2 weeks i really want him back...


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